26 Seasons
S25 E4 8/12/21

Territorial Enterprise

Zak and the crew open a terrifying new chapter in Virginia City, Nevada, as they investigate two historic buildings pulsating with paranormal activity. Locals suspect the town's connection to a secret society may have opened a portal to the netherworld.

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Episode   8

Mountain Oaks Mayhem

Episode   9

Pacific Grove Nightmare

Episode   10

Whitmore Mansion

Episode   11

Panic on Pine Street

Episode   12

LA Police Station Invasion

Episode   13

Petrified in Pahrump

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Steinbeck House Haunting

Episode   15

Henderson Hell House

Episode   16

Old Bullion Plaza School

Episode   17

Acadia Ranch Sanitorium

Episode   18

Nightmare at the Roxie

Episode   19

Los Feliz Murder House Part 1

Episode   20

Los Feliz Murder House Part 2

Episode   21

Lost Souls of Kingman

Episode   22

Lovelock Triangle

Episode   23

Curse of Catalina Island