Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine Episodes

S4 E1 5/20/22

Turin's Gamble

Dave makes a bet that can make or break the season.
S4 E2 5/27/22

Ends of the Earth

Dave gets a lead on a remote claim in Northeastern Alaska.
S4 E3 6/3/22

Valley of the Glacier Gold

A Hail Mary prospect in Alaska becomes Dave's most promising ever.
S4 E4 6/10/22

Alaskan Hope

Team Turin arrives in Alaska to mine their new Glacier Greek claim.
S4 E5 6/17/22

Double Trouble

Dave brings in The Roach but the crew faces two foes: flood and mud.
S4 E6 6/24/22

Trial by Water

A water pump malfunction turns the cut into muddy soup.

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