Gold Rush: Parker's Trail Episodes

S7 E1 5/27/24

River of Never-Ending Gold

Parker hunts for dredges bringing in billions in gold.
S7 E2 5/27/24

The Floating Gold City

Parker visits a gold mine that shocks him to his core.
S7 E3 5/27/24

Bull's Blood

Parker prospects in Serra Pelada, the site of Brazil's biggest gold rush.
S7 E4 5/27/24

Motherlode M.I.A.

Parker is on the hunt for a billion-dollar missing motherlode.
S7 E5 5/27/24

Billion Dollar Deal

Parker discovers a potential $1.5 billion payday in Serra Pelada.

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Motherlode M.I.A.

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Billion Dollar Deal

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Billion Dollar Deal

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Motherlode M.I.A.

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