Dustin Hurt and Fred Hurt


Dustin Hurt and Fred Hurt

Photo by: Nigel Dupont

Nigel Dupont

The Dakota Boys Battle Mother Nature in Gold Rush: White Water

By: Discovery

Friday nights just hit the motherlode with new seasons of GOLD RUSH: WHITE WATER and THE DIRT after show following GOLD RUSH.

October 23, 2020

With the price of gold soaring, the Dakota boys, Fred and Dustin Hurt are determined to continue their quest for paydirt at McKinley Creek. The bad news is that the gold is nearly impossible to get to unless the Hurt crew can step up their game. They know there’s gold, but mother nature is not about to make things easy.

Facing pandemic restrictions, a shortened mining season, and record snowfalls, Fred and Dustin take their biggest risk yet on this season of GOLD RUSH: WHITE WATER.

A brand-new season of GOLD RUSH: WHITE WATER, starts Friday, November 13 at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel..

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Gold Rush: White Water
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A veteran miner working his 17th season, Fred Hurt knows Alaska better than anyone, having worked at Porcupine Creek years before the original GOLD RUSH Hoffman crew arrived. A self-taught gold miner, Fred has taught his son Dustin everything he knows because at 76 years old, Fred knows this could be his last chance to dive for gold in Alaska.

Dustin Hurt must also make a gamble for big gold after draining his life savings on a mile of claims along McKinley Creek in 2014. After hitting a streak of one-ounce nuggets at the very end of last year’s mining season, Dustin is setting out to finish what he started at Rockfall Ravine.

The Dirt After Show Returns

Following GOLD RUSH: WHITE WATER is a fresh season of THE DIRT. Go behind the scenes with miners from the entire Gold Rush Universe and get their take on each episode. Bona fide GOLD RUSH expert, Christo Doyle returns to host.

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