Gold Rush: White Water Season 3 Photo Gallery

Sneak peek of Gold Rush: White Water miners, crews, and machinery for Season 3.

Photo By: Nigel Dupont

Photo By: Nigel Dupont

Carlos Minor, Fred Hurt, Dustin Hurt, Wes Richardson and Paul Richardson at McKinley Camp

Dustin Hurt about to cross the Zip Line.

Fred Hurt in his diving gear

Paul Richardson

Wes Richardson, Dustin Hurt and Carlos Minor stood in the creek.

Carlos Minor working on the dredge at Porcupine.

The Dredge after it’s landed at Rainbows end near the pound zone.

Wes Richardson about to go over the Zip Line

Wes Richardson, James Hamm and Dustin Hurt preparing for dive at Rainbows end.

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