Mad Dog Made Episodes

S1 E1 8/3/18

Knives That Save Lives

The Mad Dog team builds a custom tool designed to rescue car crash victims.
S1 E2 8/10/18

Dog Bites Bear

The Mad Dog team designs a custom shotgun for a female Alaskan bush pilot.
S1 E3 8/17/18

Going to Mars

The Mad Dog team helps an astronaut improve an existing space tool.
S1 E4 8/24/18

Shooting Missiles

Mad Dog builds a rifle to defend against weapons of mass destruction.
S1 E5 8/31/18

Bomb Squad

The team creates a bomb-disposal kit designed to help experts remove mines.
S1 E6 9/7/18

Eye in the Sky

The Mad Dog team designs a search-and-rescue aircraft.