Moonshiners: Master Distiller Episodes

S6 E1 1/16/24

Reverse Engineering Showdown

Distillers blind-taste liquor and compete to recreate it from scratch.
S6 E2 1/23/24

Zero Proof Spirits

Three expert distillers compete to make tasty zero-proof spirits.
S6 E3 1/23/24

Free Is Me

Three expert distillers compete to make spirits foraged from nature.
S6 E4 2/6/24

Corn Stars

A heritage corn liquor recipe spurs a three-way fight for Master Distiller.
S6 E5 4/2/24

Rum Lovin' Criminals

Distillers compete to run the best jar of America's original outlaw spirit.
S6 E6 4/9/24

Tea Party Rebellion

Three distillers compete to brew a top-selling spirit worthy of rebellion.

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