Mark, Tim, Digger

Final Bosses

Mark, Tim, Digger

Journey to the Finals: Master Distiller Tournament of Champions

By: Discovery

What challenges had to be conquered to become the ultimate champ. All episodes streaming now on discovery+.

May 18, 2022

Outstanding moonshine. Fierce competition. Unpredictable challenges.

The first-ever Master Distiller Tournament of Champions had it all. Six of the most talented Master Distiller champs came ready to compete. Each week, judges made sometimes impossible calls to send distillers home until they wound up with the top competitor worthy to face off with Mark, Digger, or Tim.

Congratulations to all competitors. Here’s what it took to make it to the finale:

Amanda stirs while pouring honey into her mash barrel.

Amanda at Work

Amanda stirs while pouring honey into her mash barrel in the first challenge.

Amanda stirs while pouring honey into her mash barrel in the first challenge.

Episode 1: Corn-Based Mash Challenge

Richard, Daniel, Mena, Amanda, Howard, and Tater were challenged to have a corn-based mash ready to run in just three days. They also faced a tough still building challenge.

Ingredients used included Richard’s manglier tea leaves, Amanda bringing her Cherokee White Eagle corn, and others going with yellow corn or cornmeal.

Episode 2: Hiding Liquor from Mark Rogers

Moonshiner Mark Rogers is known for being able to find anything in the backwoods. Competitors had to try hiding mason jars of ‘shine from him in trees, dirt, under floorboards. Mark made the search look like an art form.

Ultimately, Mark found a total of nine jars, hurting some more than others.

Mark Rogers, Tim, Digger & Mark judge contestants’ jars.

Tough Decisions

Mark Rogers joining the judges table after making things tough on the competitors.

Mark Rogers joining the judges table after making things tough on the competitors.

Episode 3: Cherry Bounce Challenge

This may sound normal enough, but the catch was that due to the season, no fresh cherries were available. That means competitors had to use everything from frozen to maraschino cherries, which definitely results in a different flavor than good old fresh cherries.

The Cherry Bounce King, Josh Owens, also came in as a guest judge that had to be impressed. On top of that, they were asked to cook a dish to accompany their ‘shine — yes, cooking was involved. You might get hungry watching this one.

Contestant’s jars and meals.

Episode 3 Feast

A cherry bounce feast!

A cherry bounce feast!

Episode 4: The Finale, Apple Moonshine Challenge

The final two most talented distillers put up their very best apple pie moonshine — no room for error. Also featured are expert guest judges Henry Law and Danielle Parton.

And it only gets more intense from there. Once the judges picked their favorite ‘shine, the winner faced the final boss — the judge of their choice — in an apple brandy challenge. Mark, Digger, and Tim had to mentally prepare to bring their best stuff because these competitors were hungry for the W.

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From L to R: Daniel, Tater, Amanda, Howard, and Richard.

Top Competitors

From L to R: Daniel, Tater, Amanda, Howard, and Richard.

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