Moonshiners: Master Distiller Episodes

S5 E1 11/2/22

Prehistoric Shine

Three self-taught distillers compete to make whiskey from ancient grains.
S5 E2 11/9/22

Big Box Store Showdown

Distillers compete to make moonshine from a discount store shopping spree.
S5 E3 11/16/22

Finger-Lickin' Shine

Mark, Digger and Tim are blown away by groundbreaking savory flavors.
S5 E4 11/23/22

Tim's Thanksgiving Throwdown

Outlaw shiners face off to run liquor to complete Tim's Thanksgiving feast.
S5 E5 11/30/22

American Agave

Three competitors bring American ingenuity to a 500-year-old recipe.
S5 E6 12/7/22

Firehouse Flameout

Three firefighters compete to run their best off-duty recipes.

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