S7 E8 5/20/15

Pikes Peak Peanut Pusher

Host Don Wildman examines a simple peanut that played a role in an unusual 20th Century fad that took one man on a daring adventure, a trunk that was at the center of a standoff that pitted one man against some of Hollywood's biggest and most powerful people, and a set of shimmer gold relics that became the subject of an intense battle between two rival nations.


Episode   1

The Invention of Cellophane

Episode   2

Zip to Zap

Episode   3

Golfer Behind Enemy Lines

Episode   5

Birth of the Road Map

Episode   6

Erno Rubik's Magic Cube

Episode   7

Invention of Pop Rocks

Episode   9

Peeping Tom Butler

Episode   12

Sci-Fi A-Bomb, Ford v Ferrari

Episode   13

Crossword Code and Brushy Bill