6 Seasons

Mysteries of the Abandoned Episodes

S8 E1 5/20/21

The Good, Bad and Abandoned

Experts investigate abandoned structures of heroes and villains.
S8 E2 5/27/21

Ruins of Disaster Park

Experts investigate the ruins of an amusement park with a disastrous past.
S8 E3 6/3/21

Fortress of Nuclear Secrets

Experts investigate bunkers that conceal a deadly nuclear secret.
S8 E4 6/10/21

Plague on Hell Island

Experts investigate the deadly legacy of an abandoned sea fort.
S8 E5 6/17/21

Florida Death Fortress

A desert island contains a marooned structure with a contagious past.
S8 E6 6/24/21

Hollywood vs. Nazis

Experts uncover a ghost town immortalized by a Hollywood director.

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