6 Seasons

Mysteries of the Abandoned Episodes

S8 E1

The Good, Bad and Abandoned

Experts investigate abandoned structures of heroes and villains.
S8 E2

Ruins of Disaster Park

Experts investigate the ruins of an amusement park with a disastrous past.
S8 E3

Fortress of Nuclear Secrets

Experts investigate bunkers that conceal a deadly nuclear secret.
S8 E4

Plague on Hell Island

Experts investigate the deadly legacy of an abandoned sea fort.
S8 E5

Florida Death Fortress

A desert island contains a marooned structure with a contagious past.
S8 E6

Hollywood vs. Nazis

Experts uncover a ghost town immortalized by a Hollywood director.

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Labyrinth of the Dead

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Pompeii's Gate to Hell

Sat 8/7 @ 11AM | 10C

Escobar's Castle

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