1 Season

Sons of Winter Episodes

S1 E1 4/28/15

Rite of Passage

The two oldest sons of a homesteading family head into the wild alone.
S1 E2 5/5/15

The Coldest Night

The brothers must decide whether to risk another frigid night in the wild.
S1 E3 5/12/15

The Freeze

The boys go ice fishing, but it quickly takes a potentially fatal turn.
S1 E4 5/19/15

Lost Boys

The family struggles to get home for Kole's birthday party.
S1 E5 5/26/15

Thief in the Night

All the Barks must protect their winter food stores from hungry wolves.
S1 E6 6/2/15


The Barks men all converge after separate adventures.