Puppy Bowl 2023

Puppy Bowl XVIII

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There are thousands of animals in shelters across the U.S. in need of good, loving homes. Animal Planet is partnering with non-profit organizations to connect their pet adoption centers directly to our millions of viewers during Puppy Bowl.

As seen on Puppy Bowl XIX, these puppies and kittens are readier than ever to find their loving home!


Terrier Mix / 9 weeks

Paw Works / Thousand Oaks, CA

This busy body will keep you on your toes! He is always on the go but does stop for a good nap in the sun or on a comfy bed. He loves attention and would love to be with as many people who can love on him as possible. Moya is a smart boy who would be able to adapt into most homes. He would love a home with other fur babies and kids!

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Chihuahua / Dachshund / 12 weeks

Save An Angel / Bastrop, TX

Sweet, mellow yet spunky, playful, and curious. Captain Crunch loves to play with his fur-sister but is all kisses and cuddles when his foster mom scoops him up. He sleeps through the night and is a fast learner. All this boy needs is love and a little bit of puppy patience! He is a happy guy who plays well with dogs and kiddos, loves to give kisses, cuddle up during naps, and enjoys playing with toys or a canine companion. He just needs a fur-ever home with a loving human and maybe a cozy bed to call his own (or he'll happily share yours!).

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Anatolian Shepherd Mix / 16 weeks

Paws4ever / Mebane, NC

Buzz is a snuggly lap puppy who loves to make new friends. He is smart and curious, always eager to explore the world and learn new things. He enjoys playing with his brother, Woody, and eating tasty snacks, but what he likes most of all is getting cozy for a nap with his human friends. When he grows into his big paws, he may be too large to sit in your lap, but we're sure he will find a way to fit anyways! Ideal family: Anyone who loves a big smart cuddly dog.

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American Pit Bull Mix / 14 weeks

Secondhand Hounds / Minnetonka, MN

Curious but cautious to new things, playful and adventurous with familiar things (including other dogs in the house), super snuggly!!! Does well with kids, other dogs, and cats. As he has a cleft palate birth defect he needs a home with someone who will be careful of what they feed him (nothing soft or sticky) and can help clean his cleft palate if it is packed full of food.

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Shepherd Mix / 17 weeks

Nevada SPCA / Las Vegas, NV

Sweet, very affectionate, loving, playful, and curious. Red would make a wonderful family member, as he interacts well with children and other animals. Red will likely grow to be a larger-sized dog and is looking for an active family that is committed to providing him with proper training, socialization, and plenty of love!

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Chocolate Labrador Retriever / 17 weeks

Humane Society of Missouri / St. Louis, MO

Playful, curious, loves stuffed toys, affectionate. Currently in foster home with another dog and loves him, would love a permanent fur sibling, would love a family with kids to play with.

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Great Pyrenees / Labrador Retriever / 8 weeks

Puplandia Dog Rescue / Portland, OR

This sweet boy is going to be BIG ( current prediction is 115lbs) he will need a safe secure place to romp and roam, a fenced backyard will be required. We have started kennel training and potty training but Jason’s perfect family will need to plan on continuing this training. Jason has been around dogs, kids, cats, chickens and goats. Puplandia Dog Rescue adopts within 1 hour of Portland, OR. Jason requires a neuter contract to be fixed by 1 years old. Insurance will be required.

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Labrador Retriever / 14 weeks

Animal Rescue New Orleans / New Orleans, LA

Smart, cuddly, playful and sweet. Twizzle would be great in any home willing to love and care for her through her puppy-adolescence. She is a real lover, curious and smart, she likes to carry things around in her mouth and explore.

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Terrier / Siberian Husky / 12 weeks

Dallas Dog / Dallas, TX

CeeDee and her 7 siblings were born after Thanksgiving in a shelter in South Texas. Her mom struggled from an injury in her leg, the injury did not stop her from being the best mom she could be. She took care of her babies in the shelter with minimal care and support. She is just about 12 weeks old and she is currently weighing about 10 lbs. CeeDee is likely mixed with a terrier like her mom and possible shepherd husky mix. Cee Dee is She loves to play and will find ways to entertain herself. She also loves playing with her siblings. She also loves to curl up on your shoulder and give you kisses. She is tempting the adventurous side but still taking baby steps in that direction. She plays hard and naps hard. She would love to have a family of her own. She is gentle in her play, she gets little bursts of energy then she needs a nap. She is learning to chase, when called she comes running and loves to give kisses. I think she would be ok without another dog if provided the enrichment and stimulation needed for a puppy. She will make someone extremely happy.

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Chihuahua Mix / 8 weeks

Sacramento SPCA / Sacramento, CA

He is outgoing, playful and brave. He is the first to investigate new things and loves to meet people. He is playful, silly and can always make us laugh! Nicknamed "Mr. Personality" he is a true performer. He will do great in an active home. He is smart and will likely excel with positive reinforcement training. He is looking for a loving and playful home who will treat him like the star he is!

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Mixed Breed / 9 weeks

Animal Friends / Pittsburgh, PA

Sweet, silly, playful, cuddly, rambunctious. May be able to live with other pets and/or young children. Looking for a family who will be patient and committed to positive reinforcement training and willing to work through typical puppy behaviors (housebreaking, jumpy/mouthiness, etc.)

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Quokka (pronounced kwaa-kuh)

Domestic Longhair / 8.5 weeks

Cleveland Animal Protective League / Cleveland, OH

Quokka is a sweet and silly guy! He loves to be around people and will often climb up your back to sit on your shoulders. He is such a lovebug too and will fall asleep as soon as you're holding him. Quokka also loves a good snack and will scream at you in the mornings for a little wet food treat. He is the best of both worlds, he is cuddly and sweet and also very fun and playful! Quokka loves to play and wrestle with his siblings. He also loves rattle mice toys, he'll bat them around for hours! Quokka is a sweet and playful kitten who would love a cool cat tree to climb and a cozy bed to nap in. He could be a little shy at first but with proper decompression time and slow introductions he would likely do well in any home environment (kids, cats, dogs). One of his favorite things to do is cuddle and play with his siblings so he would definitely love to have a little fur siblings in his home!

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Domestic Shorthair / 8 weeks

Madison Cat Project / Madison, WI

Get ready to fall in love with Moo! This sweet and loyal little girl is a 2-month old domestic shorthair whose main hobbies include climbing up on your shoulder and staying there…forever. She’s significantly smaller than her siblings, Cheese Curd and Ope, so she plays cautiously with them but does enjoy toys on her own. Like most kittens, Moo needs lots of love and attention. She’s equally happy nestling under your chin during a cold Wisconsin night or exploring the house with a gentle playmate. Do you have room in your herd? Get a MOO-ve on before this adorable, doting lap cat gets adopted!

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Domestic Shorthair / 16 weeks

Gifford Cat Shelter / Boston, MA

Future Brave Boy, curious yet cautious, timid, snugglebug, purr machine, delicately playful, sweet angel. Calm, quiet household that will be patient and encouraging as he gains confidence. Definitely needs a feline friend to teach him some bravery! No dogs (scary!), older children who can respect his aversion to loud noises and sudden movements.

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