Puppy Bowl XVIII

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There are thousands of animals in shelters across the U.S. in need of good, loving homes. Animal Planet is partnering with non-profit organizations to connect their pet adoption centers directly to our millions of viewers during Puppy Bowl.

As seen on Puppy Bowl XVIII, these puppies and kittens are readier than ever to find their fur-ever home!


Domestic Medium Hair Tabby / 14 weeks

Kitty Revolution

JD has a way of looking at people that shoots right to the heart, and the beauty mark on her left cheek makes her pretty irresistible. Her personality is the perfect mix of cuddly and playful. One of her favorite things is to play right on a human’s lap. JDis also a great climber. She was the first of her litter to go up the tallest cat tree in her foster home. She loves streamer wand toys and does a great meerkat impression standing on her back legs. JD also loves to play hide and seek. When she can pop out from under a dresser to startle her sisters, you can tell she is having a ton of fun. If you find JD sleeping in sunny spot, blissful belly rubs are required.

JD can be a little shy when she is in new situations or meeting new people, but her desire to explore takes over pretty quickly and she warms right up.

Kitty Revolution believes that kittens should be adopted in pairs. JD is one of three sisters born in her foster home. She would love to be adopted with one of her sisters or go to a home with another young, playful animal for companionship.

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Louie Luau

Flame Point Siamese Mix / 20 weeks

MEOW Cat Rescue

Louie was found feral in a ditch in Hawaii with two siblings. He was rescued and needed to overcome an upper respiratory infection. He recovered from the URI but it became apparent he had trouble seeing - he was not tracking toys like his siblings. At 20 weeks old, this adorable Flame Point Siamese mix boy was flown to the mainland, to MEOW Cat Rescue in Kirkland, WA. He is visually impaired, but to what extent will be unknown until his exam by Dr. Jones of Northwest Animal Eye Specialists on February 1st.

When Louie hears a friendly voice, he’s quick to approach the sound. A hand on his back causes him to roll over to offer his tummy for a good rub. In a new space he may use a wall to navigate, but he soon gets his bearings, finds his toys, and begins to play. Louie loves being held and is relaxed when being carried. He easily settles into a lap until he gets the urge to play again. When playing, he can follow sounds and possibly detects motion. At this stage, Louie is small to average for his age and we expect him to grow to be a medium-size adult. He is on the path to being a friendly, playful, confident, outgoing, and curious cat. We envision Louie living in a home with one or more young cats or kittens. A family with gentle, animal-savvy older kids would be okay.

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Flame Point Siamese Mix / 16 weeks

SAFE Haven for Cats

Can you believe this beautiful kitty was born to a stray cat under a home near the basement? Sunny is one of four kittens born to an abandoned crème and white mamma cat named Tellie. Thanks to compassionate and selfless community members (who scooped them up and brought them to SAFE Haven for Cats), they have been lovingly taken care of and Sunny is now ready for her real home.

Sunny is sixteen weeks old, has had complete medical care including spaying, and is one of the most beautiful kittens we have ever seen. She is a Flame Point Siamese mix and when you hold her like a baby and sing Lion King songs to her, she purrs and falls asleep in your arms. When awake she scoots around playing with footballs, shiny objects and circular ball tracker toys and then pauses for rest, relaxation, and more petting.

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Pit Bull Mix / 12 weeks

Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County

Trex is an adorable fun-loving 12-week-old Pit Bull mix. Your heart will melt when he looks at you with those big puppy dog eyes. He and his 7 siblings were brought to the shelter with their mom when they were very tiny. Trex is now about 8 pounds and will grow to a robust 50 or 60 pounds. Trex loves to play with his siblings but prefers the up close and personal attention of humans. He plays until it is time for a snuggle and a nap. Trex would be a great pet for any family or single individuals. If you are looking for a companion that will give unconditional love, look no further.

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Blind American Pit Terrier / 11 weeks

Arizona Humane Society

Named after Arizona Cardinals legend, Larry Fitzgerald, this Fitzgerald (Fitzy for short) is a loving and playful 11-week-old American Pit Bull Terrier puppy that is looking for his forever home at the Arizona Humane Society (AHS). This sweet pup is one of a litter of 11 puppies that were born in an AHS Foster Hero home after their mother was transferred to AHS through its Project Reachout program. This lifesaving program allows AHS to help even more pets in need by transferring animals from partner organizations when they are overflowing or have pets in need of medical care.

In one of Fitzgerald’s medical check-ups, AHS Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™ veterinarians determined that he is completely blind in both eyes. However, this hasn’t stopped him from being a legend in our eyes!

From playing ball with his siblings to learning how to navigate his way around the field (er… the yard), Fitzy is a perfect example of how special needs pets are just as capable and loving as any other pets!

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Mix / 3 months


Three-month-old Enzo has a nose for adventure! His favorite place to be is outside, whether he's blazing a trail on a long walk or romping around the yard with his toys. This handsome babe is also a big ol' flirt. He knows how to turn on the charm with his puppy eyes, and he loves a good snuggle session after a long, hard day of playing. He would do well with a playful doggy sibling, too.

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Mix / 5 weeks

CARE St. Louis

Gnocchi came to CARE STL with her mom and six puppies when they were found abandoned after their owners moved. Gnocchi was placed in a foster home with her sister Ziti, who is the runt of the litter and was rejected by her mom, so that she could keep her company.

Gnocchi is all sugar and spice. She has been a wonderful support for her medically fragile little sister, Ziti. She has overcome a lot in her short 5 weeks. She is a curious, engaging little girl that loves playing with her favorite stuffed donkey and cuddling the kids in her foster home, greeting them with enthusiastic tail wags and squeaks when they get home from school.

“We love Gnocchi and Ziti and are so thankful to have them as part of our family while they grow and prepare for their forever homes.” ~ The Farnsworths.

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Husky/Shepherd Mix / 18 weeks


Gumdrop is a fun and funny husky/shepherd mix puppy. Gumdrop arrived at IndyHumane with her seven brothers and sisters when she was only a few days old! She is super spunky with lots of personality, and like every puppy loves to play and play and play. Gumdrop loves squeaky toys and playing with her siblings.

Gumdrop is also a doggy model in the making! She loves to sit and pose for photos any chance she gets! After she’s worn herself out from playtime, Gumdrop loves to find a comfy spot to nap.

Currently, Gumdrop is about 10 pounds, and we expect her to be a medium to large size dog anywhere from 40-50 pounds as a full-grown adult.

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Labrador Retriever Mix / 20 weeks

Northeast Animal Shelter

Meet Helsinki! He’s a sweet and goofy 20 week old Labrador Retriever Mix who weighs in at 20 lbs currently and is estimated to be a medium/large dog when he grows up! Like most young pups, Helsinki is a wiggly and happy guy who can often be seen leaning into his favorite people for hugs and giving out all the kisses you could ever want. He loves to romp and play, and is still learning about manners, so his new family should be excited to train and socialize their new family member!

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Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix / 10 weeks

Oregon Humane Society

Charlie was a Second Chance dog, meaning he – and his litter of 12! – were transferred to the Oregon Humane Society from a rural shelter in Josephine County in Southern Oregon. OHS regularly transfers dogs from smaller, overburden shelters, to help them find a better chance at adoption. Unfortunately, when dogs come from Second Chance, we don’t always get the benefit of knowing their history before they come to our shelter. Charlie came to OHS with just his siblings (and not with Mama), so we suspect that someone had an unaltered mama dog that resulted in this unplanned – and large! – litter.

Charlie is the best breed of dog there is: a rescue dog! But we also suspect that he and his siblings are Rhodesian Ridgebacks, or at least mixes with dominant Ridgeback features. Charlie is typical of a puppy his age: he’s curious, playful and quick to learn! At 10 weeks old, he is already potty trained and eager to learn basic commands. Charlie enjoys wrestling and playing tug-of-war with his foster family, and while he can keep up with the energy level of his exuberant puppy sister, Charlie is the first to seek out the cuddles of his foster dads when he needs a break. Charlie is a 10 lbs. lap puppy and on his way to being a 60lbs+ lap dog! Charlie was one of the smaller pups in his litter, but is growing quickly and already larger than the 3 resident dogs in his foster home.

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Hound Mix / 4 mos

Pawmetto Lifeline

Jake is a 4 month-old Hound mix puppy that will be around 50 pounds when fully grown. Pawmetto Lifeline rescued Jake from a local municipal shelter where any animal can be at-risk of euthanasia. We grant all of our animals LIFE at Pawmetto Lifeline!

Jake is a total goofball! He is very playful and loves his toys. He is a very friendly, sweet boy that enjoys being loved on and snuggling! He loves to meet new people especially kids that will play with him. Jake loves playing with other animals and has been introduced to both dogs and cats in his foster home.

He is a very smart boy. He is crate trained and is doing great at learning basic obedience skills and even fetch. Jake would do great in just about any home but we would love to see him with a family that has kids and other dogs!

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Chihuahua / 11 weeks

San Francisco SPCA

Tristan is an adorable eleven week old Chihuahua puppy, who will remain tiny and adorable even when he’s an adult! He’s a sweet, friendly, and curious puppy who loves exploring and learning about the world around him. He’s looking for an adopter who can commit to providing continuing education and socialization. Tristan is ready for a home with lots of snuggles, playtime, and puppy love!

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Mix / 11 weeks

Southern Pines Animal Shelter

Meet Monty! Cuddly, chill, and friendly, this scruffy little pup is always down to play with his favorite squeaky toy or to chase a bouncy tennis ball. And when he’s done with playtime, he loves to curl up in a plushy blanket for a well-earned snooze (the plushier the better!). But while toys are great, what he really likes is to spend quality time with the humans in his life, making sure his humans know he loves them by showering them with lots of kisses and cuddles.

Monty is also a very smart, very patient, and very polite little pup. He will sit so sweetly while waiting for his dinner or while waiting to go outside, and he’s a quick learner when it comes to crate training. He’s met both cats and dogs well in his foster homes, and is working on his leash-walking skills.

His most favorite thing in the world though? Staring deeply into your eyes while he just gets all the chin scratches. And wow, does this little pup have the most soulful eyes.

So if you’ve been searching for a puppy pal who is a bit of an old soul–who is the perfect combination of playful and snuggly–Monty may be just the canine companion you’re looking for!

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Mix / 3 mos

SPCA Westchester

Meet Bedford! This fluffball of cuteness was rescued from a high-kill shelter along with his siblings and recently arrived at SPCA Westchester. Bedford is around 3 months old and appears to be a retriever mix. This cutie is everything you could want in a family dog…sweet, gentle, playful and mushy-he loves a good snuggle. He will likely be medium to large full grown so a yard or active household would be ideal. Bedford isn’t so much into his toys, he prefers to get love, affection (and treats)! He will make a wonderful furry addition to a family.

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