Catapult into the Holidays with New Series Rocket Around the XMas Tree

By: Discovery

'Tis the season for a new Discovery limited series about rocketry!

November 15, 2020

Get ready to kick off the holidays in tree-mendous style with an all new limited series, ROCKET AROUND THE XMAS TREE, premiering Thursday, December 3 at 10P ET/PT on Discovery. In an epic and explosive holiday-themed rocket competition, teams of deck-the-hall daredevils put their rocketry skills to the test each week as they compete in a series of explosive contests. Through these challenges, we’ll determine who can take their holiday cheer to new heights and walk away with the coveted ‘Golden Rocket-Tree Topper’ trophy.

Hosted by YouTube star and science aficionado Nick Uhas, these teams of super-sonic rocketeers, ranging from thrill-seeking amateurs to aerospace engineers, will put their skill sets to the test as they take on these super-charged challenges. Let’s give 2020 the explosive send-off it deserves.

Some teams include The Odd Rocketeers, made up of longtime friends Max Kauker and Alex Moreno, who met through their university’s rocketry club and discovered friendship at first flight. Another team, Alex and Lydia Yeckley of The Snow It Alls, is a unique father-daughter duo of mechanical engineers who are ready to put their shared history of high-pressure robotics competitions to the test. Married couple Myron and Tiera Fletcher, known as team Rocket With The Fletchers, are ready to put their advanced degrees in fields like structural and thrust engineering to use and their motto, ‘Faith, Love and Rockets,’ into action.

The challenges include anything from launching faux Christmas trees sky-high in an attempt to deliver letters to Santa Clause, blasting toy soldiers towards Santa’s pile of presents, firing candy canes at warp speed, and attempting to safely transport and land 50 delicate ornaments without breaking them.

ROCKET AROUND THE XMAS TREE is the non-stop high-flying yuletide rocket action we all need to close out the year. Holiday cheer is in the air, and soon Christmas trees and holiday decor will be too! But don’t worry, no real trees were harmed in the making of this tree-mendous showdown.

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