S2018 E18 7/27/18

Bloodline: The Spawn of Jaws

Over four decades ago, giant great white sharks off Long Island, New York, gave rise to the legend of Jaws. While all of those big sharks were caught, killed or otherwise disappeared, the sons and daughters of Jaws are making a comeback! Dr. Craig O'Connell goes looking for the legendary monsters of Montauk to see if the bloodline of Jaws continues.


Episode   1

Shark Week's 50 Best Bites

Episode   2

Bear vs. Shark

Episode   3

Shaq Does Shark Week

Episode   4

Ronda Rousey Uncaged

Episode   5

Monster Tag

Episode   8

Guy Fieri's Feeding Frenzy

Episode   9

Laws of Jaws

Episode   15


Episode   17

Megalodon: Fact vs Fiction

Episode   21

Sharks Gone Wild

Episode   102

Shark and Awe

Episode   105

Fintastic Beasts