Texas Flip N Move

2 Seasons
S1 E2 11/11/14

Woman Cave vs. Home Office

A house on Waller Lane in Colleyville, Texas, is viewed hesitantly by all of the house movers because the property is heavily forested making it an expensive if not impossible move. Donna has a crafty plan to pull the house out through the backyard to the street behind, but she plays along like she doesn't want the house to try to keep the price low. Her plan works, and she and Toni score the sweet little house for cheap. They have grand plans for the renovation, including a woman cave and Southwest decor. Another house in Mansfield, Texas, looks promising from what little the movers can see through the kitchen door. It's clear from the exterior that at least one wall is buckling and the house could have serious structural issues. Cody is undeterred and wins the house. It's a nail biter of a move as Cody must shore-up the structure before it can be lifted. Suzi has issues with the house because of the odd layout and is shocked to find out the front entrance leads right into the bedrooms. Cody literally flips the house by turning it around and creates a new front entrance out of what was originally the kitchen door. To top it off, they make a home office out of the old entry.