Bindi and Chandler

Bindi and Chandler

Photo by: Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo

Everything You Need to Know about Bindi Irwin's Wedding

Due to the coronavirus, there were SO many last minute changes. But in the end, it was a moment of love overcoming all.

April 15, 2020

Bindi Irwin recently wed her long-time boyfriend Chandler Powell in an intimate ceremony at the Australia Zoo. Although the wedding originally was supposed to have more than 200 guests, restrictions due to COVID-19 forced Bindi and Chandler to cut back to just close family and, of course, the many animals at the zoo! Although it was a rocky process, the day itself was filled with love. See below for all the special touches that made Bindi's day one for the books!

The Dress

Bindi's Dress

Bindi's Dress

Bindi poses in her wedding dress with her puppy. Photography: Russell Shakespeare

Photo by: Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo

For her wedding gown, Bindi was actually inspired by mom Terri's dress.

“I wanted something very similar because I’ve admired [my mom’s] dress since I was tiny,” Bindi told People. “When I was about 12 years old, I put on mum’s wedding dress and it was a really, really special… it’s over 50 years old because it’s been in the family for that long.”

Though mom's dress was ill-fitting and unfortunately too delicate to be tailored, Bindi found the perfect alternative. She decided on a gorgeous long-sleeve A-line with sunflower lace that "reminded [her] of her dad."

“When we would go on projects and drives together, we’d often drive through these huge sunflower fields in the middle of nowhere and we always stopped to take them in,” she explained.

The Cake

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Bindi and Chandler's nature-themed wedding cake. Photograph: Russell Shakespeare

Photo by: Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo

The nature inspiration continued from the dress to the cake! The creative dessert was made up of four tiers, each decorated to look like bark, and was finished off with pink and white roses. “The cake could have passed for a tree trunk,” Bindi told People. “It was fantastic.”

The couple selected a simple vanilla cake with strawberries after approval from cake-loving brother Robert.

The Vows

The Vows

The Vows

Bindi and Chandler say thier vows. Photography: Russell Shakespeare

Bindi and Chandler opted to write their own vows for the special day. Read a sneak of both below.

When I sat down to write my vows I found a that I couldn’t stop writing them. I started by sharing all the ways you make my life beautiful and I found myself writing close to a thousand words. Then I moved on to write about what an extraordinary person you are and I needed a new pen. Finally I wanted to share all my hopes for the future and I actually ran out of notebook paper.

Beautiful Bindi Sue,
Almost seven years ago when we met here at the Zoo I had no idea the adventure that would be waiting for us. Who knew the stars that had to align for a guy from Seffner, Florida, and a girl from Beerwah, Queensland to be destined for each other to meet. You became my friend, best friend, and now I get to call you my wife.

Honoring Steve

Candle Lighting

Candle Lighting

Bindi and Chandler light a candle for Steve. Photography: Russell Shakespeare

Photo by: Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo

Bindi knew from day one she wanted to honor her late father Steve Irwin in the ceremony.

“Where we got married was such a special place to dad,” Bindi told People of the garden at the Australia Zoo. “It’s a beautiful little area where he had filmed for many years. It felt really wonderful and just meant to be.”

“We had dad’s picture with his dog Sui blown up on an easel,” says Bindi. “So mom and Robert were standing right next to dad as we exchanged vows. We had a candle-lighting ceremony for him, and it really felt like he was there with us. It was a lovely moment of peace and happiness.”

Watch the couple say "I Do" on CRIKEY! IT'S THE IRWINS: BIND'S WEDDING, airing on Animal Planet Saturday at 8P ET.

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