There's A New Bee Czar In Town!

By: Discovery
Show: Bee Czar

BEE CZAR, premiering on Wednesday, March 9 at 10p ET/PT, explores the bizarre world of bee wrangling and one man’s mission to save the world by saving the honeybee.

February 24, 2022

In the heart of Texas, “Bee Czar” Walter Schumacher is saving the world one hive at a time – and he does it without wearing a protective bee suit. His technique? He “communicates” with the bees to avoid being stung. Walter and his team at the American Honey Bee Protection Agency rescue hives from places they’re unwanted – whether inside the walls of a house or 30 feet up in a neighborhood tree – and relocate the hives where the bees can thrive and pollinate in peace.

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According to Walter, every third bite of food we eat was pollinated by a honeybee; without bees, life as we know it would cease to exist. But saving bees costs money, and to make money, you’ve got to sell honey! See what all the buzz is about when the all-new series BEE CZAR premieres on Discovery Channel Wednesday, Mar. 9, 2022, at 10pm EST.

Not so long ago, Walter’s business was booming with more than $1 million in yearly sales. But after losing everything in the pandemic, Walter must rebuild his honey business from the ground up so he can afford to rescue unwanted hives for donations. With his oldest son Will and a small but dedicated team, Walter has a plan to transform their old family farm into their new headquarters, save more bees and sell more honey than ever before. BEE CZAR brings audiences into the hive as Walter trains rookie bee wranglers to safely handle millions of bees and Will aims to land big contracts selling honey to businesses like restaurants and distilleries – all while tackling tough and dangerous hive rescues in unforgettable locations, from a moldering couch to a church rooftop to a buzzing shed at a renaissance fair.

Close-up of some bees in the abandoned house.


Close-up of some bees in the abandoned house.

Saving bees is a family affair: while Walter’s oldest son Will runs the business and tries to keep his dad organized, single dad Walter teaches his younger sons Bodhi and Odin the bee-wrangling ropes, and Will’s wife Meredith tackles her first bee rescue. BEE CZAR also introduces bee technician Jonathan, a military veteran who seeks inner calm by rescuing bees; new hire Ramon, who’s determined to face his fear of bees to care for his young family; and scaffolding pro Sandy, who can reach angry bees in places ladders can’t and dreams of talking to bees herself.

If you save the bees, you save the world, man! Viewers can join the conversation on social media by using #BeeCzar and following Discovery on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

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