World Oceans Week is Making a Big Splash

Dive into World Oceans Week with the Explorers Club as they celebrate the wonders of the earth's oceans and share cutting-edge research in marine technology, conservation, and beautiful underwater photography.

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June 06, 2022

SUNDAY, June 5

2:00 pm - Blue Generation Bootcamp, Session 1: Who Governs the Ocean?

Have you ever wondered who manages the ocean, and how? Join Francois Bailet to explore ocean governance and discuss with practitioners from the UN and around the world.

5:00 pm - Blue Generation Kick-off Mixer

Meet & Greet mixer over ocean cocktails, and network with the next generation of ocean leaders.

MONDAY, June 6

10:00 am - Blue Generation Bootcamp, Session 2: Career Currents

Our second session is coordinated by deep-sea scientist Peter Girguis from Harvard University for an interactive workshop on the on ramps and off ramps of an ocean career.

  • Wave 1 - Early Career, for those in university or just getting started
  • Wave 2 - Mid Career, for those established in the community or looking to shift gears

4:00 pm - Ocean Innovation

Cutting edge technologies changing the face of the high seas - curated by Schmidt Marine

5:00 pm - Octopus - Ambassador Hour

A review of the Octopus Photo Competition and other surprises concerning the planet's most intelligent invertebrate - curated by Marc Bryan-Brown and OctoNation

7:00 pm - Big Ideas

Whether they be a concept, person, or existing initiative – these ideas shoot for the moon with their creative ocean solutions.


10:00 am - Blue Generation Bootcamp, Session 3: Communicating Yourself

Explorers Club member and communications expert Andi Cross will host our final two sessions on how to market yourself as an ocean professional.

  • Wave 1 - Early Career, for those in university or just getting started
  • Wave 2 - Mid Career, for those established in the community or looking to shift gears

4:00 pm - Coral Futures: Blending the roles of science, art, and finance in saving coral reefs

Expert panel of restoration practitioners, academics, and communicators discussing adaptation strategies to conserve and restore coral reefs - curated by Ben Farmer

5:00 pm - Penguins - Ambassador Hour

Everyone's favorite flightless birds - curated by Ellen Pikitch and the Global Penguin Society

7:00 pm - Ocean Rights 101

A panel of individuals working to establish national and international legislation recognizing the inherent rights of the Oceans - curated by Callie Veelenturf



4:00 pm - Blue Carbon

An inside look at the essential element for coastal climate change adaptation worldwide - curated by Ted Janulis & Rosie Poirier.

5:00 pm - Mangroves - Ambassador Hour

Swamp Goddess - why the mangrove is the humble hero of our planet

Find out straight from the experts why humble mangroves are secret turbo-engines for carbon sequestration, hotspots for ocean life that even coral reefs can't live without, and guard coastal communities from natural disasters - curated by Katie Losey and The Nature Conservancy.

7:00 pm - The Mayan Experience - Into the Cenotes of the Yucatán

Discover the cenote system of the Yucatan through diverse perspectives including exploration, biodiversity, paleontology and archeology, as explorers and scientists from the region and beyond share their latest discoveries.

Share with Mayans their culture through dance, song and food, original creations for the evening born out of not-for-profit initiatives supporting youth, women and traditional sustainable food systems in the Yucatan.

FRIDAY, June 10

Câ  est les pieds dans lâ  eau que jâ  ai photographié cette mongrove quand le soleil etait tout proche de lâ  horizon.


C’est les pieds dans l’eau que j’ai photographié cette mongrove quand le soleil etait tout proche de l’horizon.

Photo by: Gabriel BARATHIEU


5:30 pm - Sustainable Seafood Soirée

A one-of-a-kind evening featuring foods of the future - curated by Julie & Alex Wallace.

Leading sustainable seafood vendors will join us for a full tasting and interactive evening taking over Club Headquarters. Come meet the leaders of the sustainable seafood revolution, try a kelp burger, and sample volcanic wines from the Azores!


NYC Area Field Trips

  • Coney Island Beach Sweep with the NY Aquarium and Peace Boat
  • Explore Shinnecock Bay with Ocean Conservation Science at Stony Brook University


Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants - Livestream Classroom Events

Join Club Director Joe Grabowski and world-class explorers as they speak to students from around the world.

Monday | The Deep-sea

  • 9:00 am Richard Garriott de Cayeux - Journey to the Bottom of the Ocean
  • 10:00 am Peter Girguis - Creatures of the Deep
  • 11:00 am Live From EV Nautilus - Johnston Atoll Mapping

Tuesday | Magnificent Marine Life

  • 9:00 am Pablo Borboroglu - Global Penguin Society
  • 10:00 am Callie Veelenturf - Protecting Sea Turtles
  • 11:00 am Chelsea Bennice - Exploring an Octopus’ Garden
  • 1:00 pm Fabien Cousteau

Wednesday | Women in Ocean Science and Exploration

  • 9:00 am Pier Nirandara
  • 10:00 am Dr. Pamela Fletcher - Seeing Sea Turtles Survive

Thursday | Green Ocean

  • 9:00 am Benjamin Jones - Seagrass
  • 10:00 am Cheryl Doughty - Mangroves
  • 11:00 am Josie Iselin - Kelp
  • 1:00 pm Brian Skerry - Secrets of the Whales
  • 2:00 pm Live From the Viking Ship Draken

Friday | Sharks!

  • 10:00 am Andrej A. Gajić - Sharks of the Mediterranean
  • 11:00 am Andrea Marshall - Protecting Manta Rays

Next Up

Whale and Krill Populations are the Secret to Healthier Oceans

Oceans rely on their largest species, especially whales, to recycle and regenerate ecosystems. Studies at Stanford University identify the whale as an animal that recharges its own food sources and recycles carbon. Now researchers think they have found a way to seed plankton and krill numbers that will boost whale populations and restore fading sea life.

The Mission to Rehabilitate Orphaned Manatees

Florida manatees are dying in record numbers from starvation. Critical care rescue and rehabilitation centers are running out of room. Georgia Aquarium has joined the Manatee Rescue & Rehabilitation Partnership (MRP) to provide additional expert care and facilities for manatees in need.

Yellowstone National Park, the Beauty and History that Lie Within

Yellowstone was created by President Theodore Roosevelt, when the American West wasn’t under the expansive urban sprawl that is enduring today. Yet the foresight of protecting the place for “future generations” became a hallmark of America. As we celebrate the last 150 years, I wonder what it means to preserve Yellowstone (or any national park) for the next 150 years and beyond. What does the word “generations” mean? Generations of wildlife? People?

Year in Review: Nature in Focus Adventures

For many years I've looked back on the year in review and thought about all of the incredible adventures I've experienced and this year is no exception.

Manatee’s Cousins Have Vanished from the Ocean

Dugongs, the peaceful ‘sea cows’ of the ocean have been declared functionally extinct in China. The vegetarian mammal has vanished from the coastlines of Asia and Africa.

Digging Sea Otters Stimulate Sexual Reproduction in Seagrass

Hungry sea otters improve the genetic diversity of eelgrass when digging for clams among aquatic vegetation, found scientists.

Do Octopuses Dream?

New footage shows a sleeping octopus changing colors, indicating the creature may be dreaming.

It's a Girl! Very Rare Sumatran Rhino Born at Sanctuary

In a triumph for the conservation world, a rare Sumatran rhino calf has been born at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in Way Kambas National Park, Indonesia.

Saving Hawaii’s Native Species

Not so very long ago, Hawaii was a remote island, populated solely by endemic flora and fauna–and its native inhabitants. Now, however, it is known throughout the world as a must-visit tourist destination, while Americans have moved to the islands in their masses, buying up beachfront properties.

How to Help Florida’s Imperiled Manatees

One morning earlier this spring, a young male manatee was found stranded, starving, and distressed on the beach of the Palm Coast.