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Photo by: Vicki Smith

Vicki Smith

Curiosity Daily Podcast: Arctic Alien-ish Life, A Nuclear Donut, Babies Curing HIV

Today, you’ll learn about how alien-like life figured out a bizarre way to survive at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, a donut-shaped machine that just set a bunch of records in the world of nuclear fusion, and how babies are becoming superheroes in the fight against cancer and HIV.

April 13, 2022

Episode Show Notes:

Learn about how alien-like life figured out how to survive at the bottom of the Arctic ocean.

'Alien-like' life thrives on dead matter in Arctic deep by Helen Briggs

Fossil-eating sponges discovered in the Arctic by James Ashworth

Giant sponge gardens discovered on seamounts in the Arctic deep sea by Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology

890-Million-Year-Old Fossills Are Sponges, Oldest Animals: Study by Abby Olena

Deep-sea sponges: Biotechnology and the blue economy by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

This donut isn’t what you think - it could set records in the world of nuclear fusion.

A giant donut-shaped machine just proved a near-limitless clean power source is possible by Danya Gainor and Angela Dewan

Major breakthrough on nuclear fusion energy by Jonathan Amos

Nuclear-fusion reactor smashes energy record by Elizabeth Gibney

The new heroes in the fight against HIV are not who you expect: they’re babies!

A Woman Is Cured of H.I.V. Using a Novel Treatment by Apoorva Mandavilli

Testing cord blood transplants as a cure for leukemia — and HIV by Sabin Russell

Progress in HIV/AIDS cure: N.Y. woman is free of HIV for 4 years by Leila Fadel interviews Dr. Carlos del Rio

A third person has been cured of HIV, scientists report by Nicoletta Lanese

About HIV/Aids and Treatment by the CDC

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