Otto's wife of over 20 years, Charlotte is originally from Northern California.

Looking for adventure, this pioneer-minded woman set out for Alaska in 1978 to work as a wildlife biologist. The Exxon Valdez oil spill in South-central Alaska brought Charlotte and Otto together in an effort to help clean up the environmental disaster. After falling in love, Charlotte and Otto embarked on a new adventure together: building a family and life on the homestead. Otto endearingly calls her his "hippy chick from Berkeley." She has been a life-long tree hugger, lover of nature, wildlife and all animals.

A vegetarian since the age of 13, Charlotte was forced to adapt to life on the homestead where butchering cattle and other animals is the norm. Appreciating the self-sufficient life the Kilcher's lead, she focuses on gardening, raising chickens & ducks for eggs, bee keeping and milking the cow for her contribution to the family food supply.

Sons Torrey and August, and step sons Levi and Eivin, are four of her greatest joys. Combined with a constant source of excitement and entertainment from hubby Otto, and surrounded by natures awesome beauty, she is thankful every day for the unique life they share on the homestead.