Eivin, Otto's son, lives half of a mile away from his father in a cabin that he continues to build. Like his father, he's a jack-of-all-trades, but has taken his own route when it comes to providing himself and his wife, Eve, with food.

Eivin's approach to a subsistence lifestyle, like his cousin Atz Lee, revolves more around hunting and fishing than it does farming. As he grows older, though, his farm continues to grow. Similar to his Grandfather, he started with a single cabin and continues to grow his pastures, his land, his home and expands the resources around him.

Today, Eivin lives a hybrid lifestyle between that of a hunter/gatherer and a farmer. With this life, he hopes to successfully provide himself and his wife with food through the winter. Hunting, however, remains his largest gamble. Without a moose, bear or deer kill in the fall, he must rely on small game like rabbits and squirrels for 8 months of winter.