Acrocanthosaurus forest scene from the Cretaceous era 3D illustration


Acrocanthosaurus forest scene from the Cretaceous era 3D illustration

Photo by: Warpaintcobra


113 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Tracks Uncovered Due to Drought

Severe drought conditions dried up a river at Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas leading to the pre-eminent discovery.

August 23, 2022

Aptly named Dinosaur Valley, this Texas state park boasts, “It’s easy to find dinosaur tracks in the park – just head to the river!” That statement had never been more true than this week when the severe heat wave and drought sweeping through Texas dried up parts of the Paluxy river revealing massive 113 million-year-old dinosaur tracks.

“Most tracks that have recently been uncovered and discovered at different parts of the river in the park belong to Acrocanthosaurus. This was a dinosaur that would stand, as an adult, about 15 feet tall and (weigh) close to seven tons,” said Stephanie Salinas Garcia, a spokesperson for the park.

Brachiosaurus species in the nature . This is a 3d render illustration.


3D render illustration of Sauroposeidon dinosaurs.

Photo by: Orla


3D render illustration of Sauroposeidon dinosaurs.

Experts also believe some of the tracks belonged to Sauroposeidon, a dinosaur that stood 60 feet tall and weighed more than 97,000 pounds. Dinosaur Valley State Park is home to a number of dinosaur footprints, mostly from sauropods and theropods, but this is the first time tracks of this nature have been spotted.

A video posted by the park shows the massive tracks etched deep in the muddy riverbed. “Being able to find these discoveries and experience new dinosaur tracks is always an exciting time at the park!” Garcia added.

The park’s shoreline is the ideal consistency to preserve ancient footprints because of calcium carbonate deposits from crustacean shells.

Under normal weather conditions, the 113 million-year-old tracks are covered by water and mud. Due to the rain forecast, the tracks are expected to be buried again.

“While these newer dinosaur tracks were visible for a brief amount of time, it brought about the wonder and excitement about finding new dinosaur tracks at the park,” Garcia said. “Dinosaur Valley State Park will continue to protect these 113-million year-old tracks not only for present, but future generations.”

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