CO2 & You

Humans are responsible for 32% of all Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions on the planet, but what does that gas do to our environment and what can we change to help our asmostphere? Click through for a few facts about CO2.

March 06, 2020
By: Discovery

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China Leads the World in CO2 Emissions

Followed by the US, India, Russia, and Japan.

Deforestation Doesn't Help

As we all learned in early science classes, humans breath in oxygen, and emit carbon dioxide. Plants use that CO2 for energy production and release oxygen back into atmosphere. When the cycle is interrupted by tree loss, we no longer have our allies in removing CO2 from the air.

Cows Vs. Cars

CO2 is not our only concern. There are other gasses that contribute to the warming of the planet, like Methane. Two cows produce the same amount of greenhouse gasses (Methane) as one car does annually.

Clean Coal Is Not Real

The burning of fossil fuels for energy makes up for most of the CO2 emmissions from humans. In first place, with the most impact, is coal, followed by oil and then gas.

What Can We Do?

There are small things we can do day to day to help fight carbon emissions, like reducing our meat intake and walking or riding a bike instead of driving manageable distances. Bigger changes are things like the implementation of wide-spread renewable energy, like solar and wind, and removing meat from your diet.

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