Tony Woodward, Copyright 2021 BattleBots Inc

Tony Woodward, Copyright 2021 BattleBots Inc

BattleBots will Crown Next Champ in Vegas in New Season

By: Discovery

It's Robot Fighting Time! BATTLEBOTS returns to Discovery in January, and streams on discovery+.

December 02, 2021

BattleBots is back for a Sin City Showdown. The action returns to Discovery on Thursday, January 6, at 8PM, and streams on discovery+.

This season, competitors will head to Las Vegas for a chance to take home the greatest prize in the sport: The Giant Nut.

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Check out the new season of BattleBots starting January 6 on Discovery and discovery+

BattleBots founder and CEO Edward Roski says this season raises the bar “to a completely new level of imagination, skill, and, frankly, violence.” Roski adds that this is going to be the “best ever season” that includes “shocks and upsets, and heartwarming triumphs.”

Here’s what else you can look forward to:

  • More than 60 teams from around the world, including New Zealand, the U.S., Europe, Asia and South America
  • A vicious lineup of bots battling for their lives in the BattleBox every episode
  • Sportscaster Chris Rose and former UFC fighter Kenny Florian return on play-by-play, along with contributions from Pete Abrahamson, a.k.a. The Bot Whisperer
  • Faruq Tauheed back as ring announcer
  • New Zealand’s End Game looking to defend the title

Additional returning bots include the following:

  • Tombstone
  • Blacksmith
  • Minotaur
  • DUCK!
  • Icewave
  • Witch Doctor
  • SawBlaze
  • Hydra
  • Whiplash
  • Valkyrie

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