BattleBots Will Slug it Out to Win the Coveted Golden Bolt Trophy

By: Discovery

The stakes are higher than ever in BattleBots Champions, a new series where bots face off each week to claim a spot in the Golden Bolt Tournament.

July 19, 2022

A brand new BattleBots trophy is up for grabs: THE GOLDEN BOLT.

The quest for greatness in BattleBots Champions begins Thursday, Aug. 4, at 8p ET on Discovery and streaming on discovery+. The whole crew you know and love — Chris Rose, Kenny Florian, Pete “The Bot Whisperer” Abrahamson, and of course, Faruq Tauheed — is back for this six-episode thriller.

Get your popcorn ready. It's robot fighting time!

Here's how it'll go down:

First 5 Episodes: Sin City Slugfest

In the first five episodes, bots will compete in qualifiers, also known as the Sin City Slugfest. Each night starts with eight teams that will battle it out. The finalist that makes it through that night's bracket will then have to face a BattleBots Legend. And it doesn’t end there.

The winners of each night's qualifiers advance to The Golden Bolt Tournament.

The winners of each night's qualifiers advance to The Golden Bolt Tournament.

Whichever bot reigns supreme, whether it’s the BattleBots Legend or the Slugfest finalist, secures a spot in The Golden Bolt Tournament.

Final Episode: Golden Bolt Tournament

Victorious bots from the first five episodes will join three Giant Nut winners to duke it out in the final episode's Golden Bolt Tournament of Champions.

The winner will raise the first-ever Golden Bolt trophy.

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