Why One Decision from Russia has Changed the Game for the Deadliest Catch Fleets. Details on the New Season Here!

By: Discovery

Your favorite Deadliest Catch captains are back this season to race for the most lucrative bounty in recent memory, but with a bigger pot comes fiercer competition. This year, the Alaskan crab fleet are facing off against their biggest rival – The Russians.

March 17, 2020

Basically, Russia massively drove up the price of King Crab by cutting down on illegal fishing. That means the quicker these captains can get out and find a competitive edge, the more money they can make. Check out who’s vying for the top prize on this season below.

Captain Jake Anderson

The Saga

Jake is able to lure his friend and Jonathon HIllstrand out of retirement with the potential for a multi-million-dollar payout. Johnathan brings his crab quota, while his “protégé” provides the boat to catch it. We’ll find out if this unorthodox approach will pay off.

Captain Sig Hansen


Sig has his eyes on the massive prize this season, bringing along daughter Mandy, 24, as release skipper for the first time in her career. That bond could prove to be a HUGE advantage for the Northwestern, but they may also realize you should never mix family and business.

Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski

Summer Bay

Wild Bill entered the race ready to take advantage of the new Russian quota system, but he faced an immediate setback after having to fire two crew members right after launch. It’ll take quick thinking for him to regain a strategic advantage.

Captains Josh Harris and Casey McManus

Cornelia Marie

They’ve funneled in a fortune with the hope to beat everyone to the dock. This season, they plan to work their crew even harder, including a new crew member who proves to be their secret weapon: a 25-year-old Alaskan native who has spent most of her life working on boats. She certainly shows the guys more than a thing or two.

Captain Steve Harley Davidson

Southern Wild

Bringing along Wizard Captains Keith and Monty Colburn, everyone is set on uncovering new crabbing grounds to outsmart the Russians. But will their strategy put them head-on with a powerful arctic storm that’s headed straight through the heart of the fishing grounds?

The race is ON when Deadliest Catch returns on Tuesday, April 14 at 8/7c to Discovery and Discovery GO.

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