Season 27, Episode 3

Diesel Helicopter

Featuring our servicemen and women checking in from the field on Memorial Day - Heavy D shocks the team with his latest flip- a diesel-powered experimental helicopter. Dieselsellerz crew scramble to finish a six-door stretched F650 Expedition Camper.

May 26
8pm | 7c
Season 2, Episode 14

Monster Jump Live

The Diesel Brothers salute the military with an action-packed night of insane stunts and it's all LIVE! Heavy D hopes to make history by jumping the Brodozer over a flying airplane, while Diesel Dave, the Muscle, and others attempt stunts of their own.

May 31
8pm | 7c
Season 2, Episode 13

Prepare for Liftoff

The Diesel Brothers continue transforming their junkyard Bronco into an off-road beast for the Tuff Truck rematch against the Goons and Welder Up. Meanwhile, Heavy D customizes a brand new UTV so his friend can break a world record at the live event.

Jun 2
8pm | 7c
Season 11, Episode 10

There Will Be Mud

Heavy D, Diesel Dave and the Dieselsellerz crew work to finish their epic monster mud truck for the giveaway, and The Muscle scrambles to find a buyer for the flashy Denali he bought without Heavy D's permission.

Jun 9
8pm | 7c
Season 11, Episode 14

Epic Fail of the Year

The Dieselsellerz pick up a vintage fire truck to transform into a tow truck that can carry everyone in the shop. And Heavy D is determined to finish the endless Fail of the Year UTV build.

Jun 16
8pm | 7c