Diesel Brothers Episodes

S8 E1 3/1/21

Diesel Domination

The Diesel Brothers overhaul and auction off 10 iconic diesel vehicles.
S8 E2 3/1/21

Cadillac of Diesels

The guys hope to score on the auction block with a rare diesel Cadillac.
S8 E3 3/1/21

Diesel G.O.A.T

Heavy D shakes things up with a semi-amphibious off-road military vehicle.
S8 E4 7/31/22

Whatever Floats Your Goat

Redbeard gambles on a build and it's sink-or-swim time for the Gama Goat.
S8 E5 8/1/22

Diesel Doze It

Heavy D pushes his luck with a faulty 1951 International Diesel dozer.
S8 E6 8/1/22

Van Damn

Heavy D steps in after an overlanding rig turns into a smoke show.