1 Season

Egypt's Unexplained Files Episodes

S1 E1

Mystery of the Cannibal Crypt

Mysterious tomb carvings provide evidence of cannibalism in ancient Egypt.
S1 E2

Curse of the Crocodile Queen

Experts examine the mysterious alter ego of Egypt's first female pharaoh.
S1 E3

Secrets of the Scorpion King

New evidence suggests that the Scorpion King may have actually existed.
S1 E4

Tut's Curse: The New Evidence

Experts explore the curse of King Tut's tomb with cutting-edge technology.
S1 E5

Secrets of the Tomb Raiders

New discoveries reveal the secrets of Egypt's tomb raiders.
S1 E6

Curse of the Screaming Mummy

New discoveries reveal the brutal truth behind a 3,000-year-old murder.