Expedition X Episodes

S6 E1 8/2/23

Ghosts of Eloise Asylum Pt. 1

Josh Gates and his team investigate an abandoned insane asylum in Detroit.
S6 E2 8/9/23

Ghosts of Eloise Asylum Pt. 2

Josh Gates and his team make contact with spirits that haunt the asylum.
S6 E3 8/16/23

Beast of the Bayou

Phil and Jess hunt a Louisiana swamp monster in the brutal bayous.
S6 E4 8/23/23

Witches of Mexico

Jess and Phil explore the mysteries of witchcraft in Mexico.
S6 E5 8/30/23

Ghost Town

Phil and Jess investigate a haunted town abandoned over a century ago.
S6 E6 9/6/23

Hellfire Club

Phil and Jess investigate an ancient secret society of satanic worshippers.

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