Expedition X Episodes

S7 E1 2/7/24

Transylvanian Terror

The team explores a haunted forest near the site of the Dracula legend.
S7 E2 2/14/24

Killer Sasquatch

The team heads to Alaska to investigate reports of a murderous sasquatch.
S7 E3 2/1/24

Death Island

Josh sends the team to Mackinac Island to spend a night in a haunted inn.
S7 E4 2/1/24

Secrets of Mackinac

Jess and Phil are joined by The Ghost Brothers on Mackinac Island.
S7 E5 3/6/24

Ghost of WW2

The team heads to Okinawa Japan to investigate reports of spirits from WW2.
S7 E6 3/13/24

Beasts of Britain

Jess and Phil head to England in search of a legendary monstrous beast.

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