2 Seasons
S1 E11 2/7/12

Dangerous Obsessions

Sidney Reso, the head of Exxon International leaves his house but never shows up at work. It soon becomes apparent that Reso is being held for ransom. The FBI embarks on a maddening chase in hopes of catching the kidnappers and saving Reso's life.


Episode   1

The Gainesville Ripper

Episode   2

Missing in Missouri

Episode   3

Internet Slave Master

Episode   4

Homegrown Terror

Episode   5

Lethal Contact

Episode   6


Episode   7

Shots Fired

Episode   8

Monsters Among Us

Episode   9

Trail of Terror

Episode   10

Murder by Mail

Episode   11

Dangerous Obsessions

Episode   12

The Hunted

Episode   13

I've Been Watching You