Gold Rush: White Water Episodes

S7 E1 4/14/23

Missing In Action

With Dustin M.I.A. the crew is hellbent to find gold on their own.
S7 E2 4/21/23

Total Annihilation

After a catastrophic storm, the crews stage the mother of all comebacks.
S7 E3 4/28/23

4-Ounce Nugget

A 4-ounce nugget motivates a daunted Dustin to take charge of his season.
S7 E4 5/1/23

Blood Red White Water

A snow bridge sends a tidal wave of water through Dustin's claim.
S7 E5 5/1/23

Risky Business

In desperate need of paydirt, each crew must face risk and dive to survive.
S7 E6 5/1/23

Mouth of the Dragon

Dustin ventures straight into the mouth of the dragon to find more gold.

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