Growing Belushi Episodes

S3 E1 4/5/23

Burning Down the House

A devastating fire forces Jim Belushi to make a major change.
S3 E2 4/12/23

On the Road Again

Jim Belushi creates chaos as he tackles a major expansion.
S3 E3 4/19/23

Big Sur Holy Weed

Jim finds himself on a wild quest for a legendary marijuana seed.
S3 E4 4/26/23

Sweet Home Chicago

Chris pushes Jim into buying some bunk weed.
S3 E5 5/3/23

Can't Be Two Places at Once

$500,000 worth of Belushi's marijuana is in jeopardy.
S3 E6 5/10/23

Coming to Albania!

Jim meets the PM of Albania and is given the opportunity of a lifetime.

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