A Swamp Survivalist's Recipe For Tender Squirrel

By: Discovery

Guardians of the Glades' Tom Cobb has the perfect Limb Chicken recipe.

Have you ever craved squirrel stew? Tom’s tender squirrel recipe is all you need for the perfect celebratory meal this holiday season. This home-cooked stew will fill your heart and your stomach — provided you catch enough squirrels.


  • 2 or 3 squirrels
  • Bacon
  • ½ cup of water
  • Salt and pepper (if desired)


  1. Find the squirrel. Check tree branches and other likely hiding places
    (Note: you’ll need two or three squirrels, as one squirrel doesn’t have enough meat to go around)
  2. Kill the squirrels and clean them
  3. Cut them up
  4. Put the bacon on the pan and fry it until you have a lot of grease
  5. Place the squirrel meat in the pan with the bacon grease
  6. Cook until brown, then add water
  7. Let the meat simmer on low heat.
  8. When it starts floating it’s ready to eat.

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