7 Seasons
S6 E17 6/27/21

Cold Grudges Die Hard

Sub-freezing temperatures descend on the swamp, putting two survivalists on the brink. Rylie finally resolves lingering resentment from a past challenge. Desperate for more resources, Max and EJ see if their canoe can take them to better hunting grounds.


Episode   1

Valley of the Banished

Episode   2

Croc Shock

Episode   3

The Barehanded Killer

Episode   4

No Calm After the Storm

Episode   5

Boiling Point

Episode   6


Episode   101

No Free Rides

Episode   102

Clothed and Opinionated Pt. 1

Episode   103

Clothed Opinionated: Part 2

Episode   104

Clothed and Opinionated Pt. 3

Episode   105

Primitive Survival Rating