Naked and Afraid XL | Meet The Cast of Season 5

Rylie Partlett

Rylie Partlett from Port Tobacco, MD and PSR of 7.1

Russell Sage

Russell Sage from Baytown, TX and PSR of 7.9

Nicole Terry

Nicole Terry from West Chatham, MA and PSR of 6.1

Max Djenohan

Max Djenohan from Edmonds, WA and PSR of 6.7

Manu Toigo

Manu Toigo from Los Angeles, CA and PSR of 8.0

Laura Zerra

Laura Zerra of Groton, New Hampshire and PSR of 9.5

Jeff Zausch

Jeff Zausch from Pacetello, ID and PSR of 8.5

Dustin “Duck” Campbell

Dustin “Duck” Campbell from West Monroe, LA and PSR of 7.1

Charlie Frattini

Charlie Frattini from Thomaston, ME and PSR of 7.5

Duke Brady

Duke Brady from Fallbrook, CA and PSR of 7.6

Christina McQueen

Christina McQueen from Corydon, IN and PSR of 6.7

Gabrielle Balassone

Gabrielle Balassone from Westminster, MD and PSR of 8.3

Angela Hammer

Angela Hammer from St. Francis, MN and PSR of 7.1

James Lewis

James Lewis from Crawfordville, FL and PSR of 9.1

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