Naked and Afraid Episodes

S14 E1 2/27/22

Curse of the Chiapas

A football coach and a midwife face the cursed rainforest of Chiapas.
S14 E2 2/27/22

Haunted and Hungry

A haunted swamp takes a toll on a former Marine and Mississippi mom.
S14 E3 3/6/22

Fallen Farmer

A transgender Vet and a South African farmer tackle Zambia.
S14 E4 3/6/22

Sibling Survival

After his brother is tapped, a sibling seeks redemption in Zambia.
S14 E5 3/13/22

Night Stalkers

A wilderness guide and a software engineer take on the Botswana desert.
S14 E6 3/20/22

Next Gen Survival

Adult kids of veteran survivalists prove they are as good as their parents.

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Breaking Borneo

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