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Nothing Says Love Like Naked and Afraid

By: Discovery

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January 31, 2021

UPDATED 3/2/21

From deep within the bug-infested rainforests of Ecuador to the apex predator hunting grounds of Namibia and the scorching desert of the US/Mexico border, get ready to meet the newest crop of NAKED AND AFRAID survivalists who would rather take on some of the world’s most dangerous environments than stay “safer at home.”

Tune into a new season of NAKED AND AFRAID premiering Sunday, March 7 at 8PM ET/PT on Discovery and streaming on discovery+.

During a time that has tested us all, NAKED AND AFRAID pushed survivalists like never before. This season, survivalists must overcome aggressive predators large and small, a rainforest environment so unforgiving one survivalist re-evaluates his entire life, and the ultimate show of skill between millennials and old-school survivalists.

In addition to extreme environments, these survivalists must also endure each other. Because no matter how good your skills are, it takes teamwork to thrive. Find out if these survivalist have the mental fortitude to withstand relentless bugs, plunging nighttime temperatures, blistering heat and creeping self-doubt.

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PUBLISHED 1/31/2021

For anyone who didn't have Valentine's Day plans already, prepare to get weird and wild with a new season of NAKED AND AFRAID.

Start streaming all new episodes of NAKED AND AFRAID now on discovery+ and tune in February 14 for an all day marathon on Discovery.

The ultimate survival challenge returns with three all-new, early premieres of NAKED AND AFRAID on discovery+, the definitive non-fiction, real-life subscription streaming service. A new lineup of survivalists from around the world will take on the 21-day-challenge to test themselves against the wilderness. Stripped from head to toe, all they are allowed to bring is one survival item. The physical and mental exhaustion causes some duos to turn on each other and others to bond together to complete the challenge.

From the punishing Namibian desert to the brutal black water swamps of Florida, the early premieres of NAKED AND AFRAID follow three pairs of survivalists as they endure harsh elements, vicious predators and each other in the ultimate battle between humanity and Mother Nature. Threatened by venomous snakes and dangerous wildlife, a hard-headed homesteader and an elite military alpha-male will be pushed to their limits. An Australian bushman and American biologist form an intimate bond during their challenge, but their relationship is tested as they search for scarce food and are tracked by territorial baboons. South Africa’s aggressive scorpions and burrowing ticks attack the survivalists in their most vulnerable places. With their challenge at risk, the pair must band together to have a chance at success.

Don’t miss three all-new episodes of NAKED AND AFRAID as they premiere early on discovery+ beginning Sunday, January 31. In addition to watching NAKED AND AFRAID on discovery+, Discovery Channel will air a special block of love and relationship vintage episodes on Valentine’s Day, Sunday, February 14 from 1P-11P. Viewers can join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #NAKEDANDAFRAID and following Naked and Afraid on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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