Naked and Afraid Episodes

S17 E1 2/18/24

Death by Crocodile

A hunter and farmer take a life-threatening risk to survive.
S17 E2 2/25/24

There Will Be Blood

A survivalist must cope with menstruation in the African bush.
S17 E3 3/3/24

Colombian Cave Women

In this all-female tribe’s challenge, two veterans mentor the newcomers.
S17 E4 3/10/24

Surviving the Road to Recovery

After fighting their own demons, two survivalists head to South Africa.
S17 E5 3/17/24

Runaway Bride

A survivalist postpones her wedding to try 21 days in the Colombian jungle.
S17 E6 3/24/24

This is Harder Than it Looks

Two die-hard fans doubt their survival skills after 10 days with no food.

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