17 Seasons
S6 E3 4/12/20

Blood, Sweat and Fears

With extra footage and bonus scenes -- torrential downpours, competing survival styles and a machete accident threaten to send two survivalists home from the Mexican jungle. This is their second chance at success, and they may not be redeemed after all.


Episode   1

Into the Wild

Episode   2

King of the Forest

Episode   3

Frozen in Fear

Episode   4

Rise Above

Episode   5

From the Ashes

Episode   6

All Falls Down

Episode   7


Episode   9

The Danger Within

Episode   10

Bares All: Never Give Up

Episode   11

Melt Down Under

Episode   12

Bad Blood

Episode   13

Strength in Pain

Episode   14

23 Days

Episode   15

Bares All: Battered and Broken