Naked and Afraid Episodes

S15 E1 2/19/23

Welcome to America!

Two foreigners try to become the first to endure 21 days on U.S. soil.
S15 E2 2/26/23

No Holds Barred

An MMA fighter and a paramedic take on 21 days in Rupunini, Guyana.
S15 E3 3/5/23

No Gear, No Fear

An athlete and a hunter take on the Argentine savanna without any gear.
S15 E4 3/12/23

Bro, Hold My Fear

Four male survivalists who tapped seek redemption in South Africa.
S15 E5 5/26/22

Kalahari Cold Front

A paralegal and a fishing boat captain take on the mighty Kalahari Desert.
S15 E6 10/1/22

Sucker Punched in South Africa

Two men and a woman attempt to survive in the searing heat of Limpokwena.

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