1 Season

Prototype This! Episodes

S1 E1 10/15/08

Mind-Controlled Car

The guys take just ten days to build road-rage-proof cars.
S1 E2 10/1/08

Boxing Robots

The team looks into the future of gaming and sees giant, boxing robots!
S1 E3 10/29/08

Traffic-Busting Truck

The engineers build a vehicle prototype that's "above" traffic.
S1 E4 11/5/08

Six-Legged All-Terrain Vehicle

The engineers attempt to build the first leg-based, all-terrain vehicle.
S1 E5 11/12/08

Backyard Waterslide Simulator

The team of inventors attempt to build a life-like waterslide simulator.
S1 E6 11/19/08

Robotic Firefighter Assistant

The guys come together to make two prototypes that help firefighters.