Four Reasons Why Rob Riggle is a Global Investigator

By: Nesa Nourmohammadi

Indiana Jones, eat your heart out.

March 06, 2020

Who needs Indiana Jones when you have Rob Riggle?

The actor/ comedian is on a mission to uncover some of the world’s greatest mysteries and legends in his new Discovery Channel series, Rob Riggle: Global Investigator, premiering Sunday, March 8 at 10P.

But what makes Rob qualified for the job? A lot more than you realize. Here are four reasons:

1. He’s a military veteran with more than 20 years of service under his belt

That’s Lieutenant Colonel Riggle to you! Believe it or not, Rob spent 23 years in the United States Marine Corps and United States Marine Corps Reserve, serving tours in Kosovo and Afghanistan.



Rob Riggle meets with historian Brad Bertelli to learn the legend of pirate, Black Caesar, as seen on Discovery’s Rob Riggle: Global Investigator.

Rob Riggle meets with historian Brad Bertelli to learn the legend of pirate, Black Caesar, as seen on Discovery’s Rob Riggle: Global Investigator.

2. He’s has the brains to back up to the brawn

Rob earned his Bachelor of Arts in theater from the University of Kansas, and eventually a Master of Public Administration from Webster University. The latter must have come in handy when Rob was a public affairs officer in the Marines.

3. His hat game is on point

Indiana Jones has one hat, but Rob Riggle has several.



Rob Riggle and Emily go for a ride, as seen on Discovery’s “Rob Riggle: Global Investigator.”

4. His sense of humor can make any situation better

No one said being a global investigator was easy, but having a positive outlook always comes in handy.

What can you expect from Rob Riggle: Global Investigator? Watch the trailer below!


Actor, comedian, and retired Marine, Rob Riggle is taking on a new mission — traveling the globe to unearth some of the world’s greatest legends and mysteries. He’ll embark on thrilling adventures, seeing everything the world has to offer one mystery at a time in the all-new series, ROB RIGGLE: GLOBAL INVESTIGATOR, premiering Sunday, March 8 at 10p ET only on Discovery Channel.

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