Photo By: Adrian Berryhill

Photo By: Adrian Berryhill

Memphis Won the Biggest Street Race in History on Street Outlaws: Fastest in America. How Did We Get Here?

By: Discovery

Eight of the fastest street racing teams in the U.S. descended on Memphis to compete in the biggest street race in history, and for a prize of $100,000.

March 11, 2020

Middle of the desert — Las Vegas Blvd. This was the site of the biggest street race in history. After defeating Detroit, New Orleans earned the right to face Memphis and compete for $100,000. The epic showdown showcased each driver’s ability to adjust and adapt while racing on a street with little to no traction. But, this race didn’t just “happen”. Eight teams comprised of elite drivers accepted a challenge to compete for the title “Fastest in America” — Here’s how the competition shaped out.

The Announcement

8 Teams

JJ Da Boss hosted eight of the baddest street racing teams for the biggest street race anyone had ever heard of. Each team will race off for the chance to go one-on-one against the Memphis for $100,000.

Round 1


South Carolina's small-tire racers and St. Louis high-dollar drivers were ready for war. An all-out display of mouthy leadership, fired-up tempers, and high-pressure situations dominated this tension-filled night.

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Kye Kelley and his NOLA racers took on Birdman and his team from Texas. The rivals' history of bad blood came to a head when NOLA had car trouble, and Texas refused to play nice. In the end, the win ultimately went to the team that focused on the street instead of their fists.

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NE vs KY

Quinn and his family of Kentucky racers faced off against Chris Rankin's ragtag team from the Northeast. Rankin pushed all the buttons he could to unravel Quinn and his team. JJ was forced to intervene before the street race turned into a street brawl.

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Chucky and the big-mouth, bigger-horsepower team from Detroit went head to head against Richard McCarver and his Mississippi racers. Chucky and the Motor City boys thought that the win was in the bag, but a surprise comeback from Richard McCarver kept the South in the game.

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Round 2


Only four teams survived to the second round of the biggest street race in history. Street-smart Chris Rankin and his Northeast crew went head-to-head against upstart Kye Kelley and his team of New Orleans' racers.

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The second match of round two pitted Chucky and his team from Detroit against Chris Block and his South Carolina racers. Tensions between the two crews had been mounting since the duo's scuffle at the previous chip draw, and the two finally met in the streets. Detroit made some big mistakes and the race came down to the wire.

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After weeks of racing, only Detroit and NOLA remained fighting for a chance to race Memphis for $100,000. Chucky sought to keep Kye in the rearview with a new strategy to take the lead, while Kye stayed confident in his heavy hitters to take out team Detroit.

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The Final $100,000 Race


The final matchup was an epic showdown, with $100,000 at stake. Kye Kelley's NOLA team came in riding high after defeating Detroit, but JJ and the MSO were not going to be intimidated. Both teams were tested to their limits when they faced off outside of Las Vegas.

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