Quantum vs Death Roll


Quantum vs Death Roll

Battle Bots Returns With More Bot Fighting Fun Than Ever Before

By: Thom Fusco

Battle Bots is coming back to Discovery Channel with more hours of bot fighting fun than ever before.

With 50 hours of robot-fighting glory, Battle Bots puts competitors to the test to find out who is the "ultimate robot-building genius" in a single-elimination World Champion Tournament. This season will host the largest international field in its 20-year history, as over 80 robots from a dozen countries will attempt to win the sport's most prestigious prize, The Giant Nut.

Bite Force vs Tombstone


Bite Force vs Tombstone

Competitors will be coming from all over the globe to see if their robot has what it takes. Last year’s champion, "Bite Force" will be returning to claim this year’s title along with other former competitors like, Tombstone, Witch Doctor, Death Roll, Lock-Jaw and SawBlaze.

Lock-Jaw vs Bite Force


Lock-Jaw vs Bite Force

Each episode highlights the design of the competing bots along with the brains behind them. Every robot is homemade and armed with custom weaponry, like flamethrowers and hydraulic flippers. Some will even walk on legs this year.

Two remote controlled robots compete in each 3-minute match. The goal? To destroy or disable their opponent. If neither team is knocked out, the judge will decide the winner.

SawBlaze vs Witch Doctor


SawBlaze vs Witch Doctor

Commentators Chris Rose and Kenny Florian will be returning this season to provide play-by-plays for every match and Faruq Tauheed will return as the ring announcer. The new season is set to premiere at 8 p.m. Friday, May 15, on Discovery Channel. Missed last season? You can binge it now on DiscoveryGO.

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