Forrest’s goal is to end human-wildlife conflicts and to solve the riddles behind the local legends and mysteries before these animals truly become mythological due to extinction.

Mysterious Creatures with Forrest Galante

Forrest’s goal is to end human-wildlife conflicts and to solve the riddles behind the local legends and mysteries before these animals truly become mythological due to extinction.

5 Mythical Animals to Uncover in Mysterious Creatures with Forrest Galante

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Ancient legends grow in elusive and rare animal sightings. Get ready to investigate in the new series MYSTERIOUS CREATURES WITH FORREST GALANTE, premiering Oct. 17 at 9P on Animal Planet and streaming on discovery+ the same day.

“Strange sightings,” “legendary creatures” and “mysterious encounters” — that only touches the surface of the adventures you’ll get to go on in the all-new series MYSTERIOUS CREATURES WITH FORREST GALANTE.

Mysterious Creatures with Forrest Galante | Finding Mystical Animals
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Wildlife biologist Forrest Galante, along with his wife and zoologist, Jessica Summerfield, travel across the globe from Mozambique to the Pacific Northwest to track down mystifying animals and end any conflicts between humans and these local legends. Forrest’s goal is to solve the riddles behind these animals before they truly become mythological due to extinction.

Here’s a sneak peek at five fascinating stories included in the series:

1. Zambezi River Witchcraft?

Forrest travels to a village near his childhood home on the Zambezi River after the daughter of a chief along with other villagers have gone missing. He teams up with his best friend Remi to discover what killer could be hiding in the murky depths. Is witchcraft at the heart of this mysterious creature?

2. What’s Lurking in the Water?

Forrest, along with his wife and zoologist, Jessica, investigate the waterways in the Pacific Northwest following local lore of dragon-like monsters residing in the area.

3. Africa’s Last Remaining Giant Bull Elephants

After hearing stories about an enormous animal coming into the village at night destroying homes, crops and even killing locals, Forrest heads to a remote tribal village in Mozambique. When Forrest determines that the animal responsible is one of Africa’s last remaining giant bull elephants, he must figure out how to quickly and safely transport an entire herd hundreds of miles to the safety of a national park.

4. 60-foot Mystery Snake

Forrest journeys to the Pantanal in Brazil — home to the world’s largest tropical wetlands — to search for a creature that has eluded documented science for centuries: a massive sixty-foot aquatic snake.

5. The Legend of the Ozark Howler

The Ozark Howler is rumored to have a chilling cry that’s a mix of a wolf’s howl, an elk’s bugle, and a hyena’s laugh. Forrest takes a trip to Missouri to search for the mythical creature after hearing of recently reported encounters.

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