How to Do Your Part During Wildfire Season

Last year, there were around 59,000 wildfires across the US, which burned 10.1 million acres. Sadly, 88% of those fires were human-caused.

Although fire is a natural land management tool, burning in the ferocious way it has done so for the past several years has taken an untold toll on wildlife, with officials still unsure what impact the fires will have on species.

Humans are also affected; in 2020, almost 18,000 structures were destroyed, and there were 47 direct fatalities, with many more caused by the adverse health impacts of smoke inhalation.

As the wildfire season gets longer and longer–-with some fire officials now referring to it as a “fire year” instead–-it’s becoming increasingly important to make sure we do our best to protect the land from burning as catastrophically as it did in previous years.

August 03, 2021
By: Lucy Sherriff

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